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Galaxy Zippy Bamboo Pajamas BLACK CUFFS

Galaxy Zippy Bamboo Pajamas BLACK CUFFS

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Living your dreams has a whole new meaning with Babalus Bamboo Jams! Your littles will be whisked away to dreamland to explore far-off galaxies, run with unicorns, and have tea party’s with dinosaurs in Babalus’ most comfortable children’s pajamas yet. Designed with your children’s imaginations in mind, the Bamboo Jams empower creativity, imagination, and reaching for the stars! Thoughtfully created with our new proprietary blend of custom-milled bamboo viscose, the Bamboo Jams ensure optimal mobility, comfort, and temperature control for your busy babies. Perfect for any season and occasion, the Bamboo Jams are sure to be the jammies your littles will never want to take off! Featuring custom-milled bamboo viscose of the highest quality Captivating designs inspired by kids, for kids Free of scratchy tags and pilled fabrics
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We LOVE shopping for new and fun things for our daughter (Adelynn Rae), but it seems like the same colors, prints, and toys are sold in every boutique. We've taken special care to bring a collection of products that are unique, which means your child might be rocking something from New Zealand or a small brand yet to be discovered by the masses!